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Renee McCray has been in the industry of making people look beautiful for twenty-two years. She is a National Makeup Artist and has worked on countless commercials, TV and film. Her credentials include working on the sets of “All My Children” and “Runway for Ralph Lauren”. She as been featured on television here in Arizona as well as around the country.

Renee has been a Master Brow Artist for the past twenty-five years and is one of only ten in the country. “Brows are the most difficult feature to design, 95 percent of all people have no idea how to create a beautiful brow let alone keep it consistently. Even those in the industry are sorely lacking in the creative and design elements. When done properly, it can literally take years off your life in minutes.” Aside from being a makeup artist, Renee is a Portrait Artist and has had in-depth study in color theory, Facial symmetry and bone structure. Renee’s primary drive for getting into the micro pigmentation industry all those years ago, was to help individuals who had cleft pallets or had been burned  or scarred enabling her to put features back in place which encourages a better quality of life.  She works with many physicians and organizations, including the “Look Good, Feel Better” cancer programs around the country. Permanent makeup was a natural fit due to her in-depth background.

“I believe that anyone can look better by bringing out their best assets, which start from the “canvas” or skin level. We can look younger by taking care of our skin, reversing the signs of aging and enhancing our features. A person does not have to undergo plastic surgery in order to have a more youthful, radiant, healthy appearance. As we age, our hair and skin tends to thin out and we lose that youthful color or glow, but all that can be put back, in a very natural way. Whether it’s permanent brows, eyeliner, lips or other enhancing features, anyone can look better on a daily basis with minimal effort and care. I love what I do, I feel I have been given a gift and I want to share it and help everyone feel and look their very best.”

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