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IT’S ALL IN THE DESIGN!!  That is the most important part of the entire procedure.  If you don’t look good, I don’t look good and that is not an option.  I have been a Master Brow Artist for over twenty years and am one of just a handful in the country.  I am also a portrait artist as well as a makeup artist.  Symmetry is very important to me, as is individuality.  No two people are the same.  We need to celebrate those features which are uniquely our own. 

You assist me in the design, but I DO the designing.  You look to me, as the professional, to give you the right brow design for your shape face.  Most of us cannot draw the same brows twice.  I DO NOT SHAVE YOUR BROW HAIR OFF IN ORDER TO DO THE DESIGN.  I leave as much hair that is right for the design, that makes it look even more natural.  ONCE WE AGREE ON THE DESIGN AND THE COLOR, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.   I guarantee my design and my work.  Most places either have you draw your own brow on or they follow what existing hairline you have or they trace with a stencil.  All those techniques can lead to a very unattractive over all look, but they do that SO THEY DON’T HAVE THE LIABILITY OF A BAD BROW SHAPE and I don’t blame them because it is very difficult but the DESIGN IS EVERYTHING.


There are many different eye shapes, “Puppy Dog” eyes that turn down near the ends,  “Squinty Eyes”, “Protruding Eyes” and the list goes on.  Eyeliner is not just eyeliner, you can achieve different looks in which to “enhance” the shape of the eye or correct a bad shape.  I show you what you will look like and what is right for you BEFORE the procedure is done.


As we age we feel we lose our lips but in fact, we simply lose the color line.  Some of us lose a lot of color in our full lip too.  I either put a natural shape  and color back into lip line to give the fuller appearance we had in our youth or fill the entire lip in with a natural lip color or one of your choice.  Either way you end up with a more youthful, sexy mouth. 

This is your face, don’t trust it to just anyone…… 

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